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Our valued clients are small and medium sized SMSF Accountants, Financial Advisors and SMSF Trustees.

Accountants & Financial Advisors 


SMSF madEasy works as a long-term trusted partner to small and medium sized Accounting firms and Financial Advisors across Australia. We provide you and your clients with confidence knowing all your SMSF audits will be handled accurately and timely by professionals who specialise in SMSF audits. As our company name suggests, we are here to make SMSF easy for you. Let us help your clients become compliant, allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

When you call, we will answer. We offer personalised service and are genuinely invested in you and your business. As your long-term partner, we will always act in your interest, side-by-side with you, not in competition with you. We have the qualifications and experience to provide a full spectrum SMSF administration service, however from 2020 we made the conscious decision to cease all other services and focus our business solely on conducting SMSF audits. The way we partner with you guarantees full independence of the auditing function. 

Our outstanding track record and business growth driven 100% by client referrals is proof you have come to the right place. Due to our excellent reputation amongst clients, we have expanded our business and introduced new tools to enhance the experience for you to make it even better than it was before.

We have a seamless interface from our website to cutting edge SMSF audit software which allows the whole audit process to be automated, thereby improving ease and efficiency. You can upload your documents directly through our cloud-based portal, view the status of your audit, and update any information which is needed to complete the audit successfully. All declarations and standard letters can be downloaded from the system and forwarded to your trustees to sign, including of course the completed audit report. There is 100% transparency between all parties, and full data security using encryption technology. 

As a FREE and optional value-added benefit, SMSF madEasy allows smaller Accounting and Financial Advisory firms with less than 25 funds to take advantage of using CLASS on our platform. CLASS is the leading SMSF Administration software but is not usually available for anyone with less than 25 funds. You are able to set up your own private login which is 100% secure and provides you with total control of how you want to use it, including full control of access rights. Please note SMSF madEasy does NOT charge for or benefit from this service in any way. We are simply here to facilitate this option should our clients wish to use it.   

We are ready to help! Contact us now.


SMSF Trustees


Choosing the right SMSF Auditor for you is an important decision. Firstly, you need an Auditor who is fully licensed and qualified to conduct your SMSF audit. Secondly, your SMSF Auditor needs to be independent from your Accountant (to comply with the new changes relating to SMSF Auditors). Thirdly, you want a trusted partner who can be there with you each and every year throughout the life of your fund. 

SMSF Trustees choose SMSF madEasy because we go the extra mile. We are an independent, fully licensed SMSF Audit company with many years of experience in SMSF Administration and Accounting. We will patiently hold your hand throughout each step of the audit process and help you to become compliant each and every year. We give you our professional and honest view of how you are doing and suggest ways to improve your SMSF performance. We are more than just an Auditor! As our company name suggests, we are here to make SMSF easy for you.  

Contact us now to get the process started. Our friendly team are ready to help! 

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